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Opposing the State Senate’s Attempt to Reduce Access to Live-Saving Treatment During a Deadly Overdose Crisis (Opposing SB 675)

Adrienne Standley | 11/20/2019

In the midst of a tragic overdose crisis, in the state with the third highest rate of overdose deaths in the country, and as we mourn more than 4,200 lives lost in our state last year to drug overdose,...

Thoughts on SB 421 – The Election Reform Bill

Marc Stier | 10/29/2019

Last Friday we released a policy brief on SB 421, the election reform bill that that is currently being...

No Longer the Great Equalizer: New study highlights how Pennsylvania’s low and declining investment in higher education threatens access to college, especially for Black and Hispanic families

Diana Polson | 10/25/2019

As we have showed previously, low levels of state funding for public higher education in Pennsylvania has led to...

Corporate Tax Change will Bring Additional Revenue into Pennsylvania, How Much is Still Not Known

Diana Polson | 10/11/2019

In June 2018, the Supreme Court ruled in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. that states may tax purchases made by...

Fact vs. Myth on the Minimum Wage

Marc Stier | 09/26/2019

Raising the minimum wage is not a hand-out to low-wage workers. It’s part of an effort to change the...

PA Protects Against Insurance Losses Caused by Trump

Marc Stier | 09/11/2019

A census bureau report released on Tuesday shows that 1.9 million more Americans were uninsured in 2018 than in 2017,...

Child Care for Minimum Wage Workers in PA Costs 78.5% of Annual Earnings

Diana Polson | 07/25/2019

“This fight for $15 is about more than money, it’s about being able to live.” — Reverend Dr. William...

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