Take Action

Every state surrounding our Commonwealth has raised their minimum wage, while Pennsylvania remains a dismal $7.25.

Multiple studies have shown that increasing the minimum wages doesn’t damage job growth—in some cases, employment increased along with consumer spending in the years following the increase.  If Pennsylvania’s minimum wage kept up with productivity it would be over $18 an hour, not $7.25.

After decades of wage stagnation, Pennsylvania’s working people deserve a living wage.  The Raise the Wage PA Coalition has laid out the following 5 principles for raising Pennsylvania’s minimum wage to a living wage for all.

1. We support an increase in the state and federal minimum wages to at least $15.00 per hour.

2. We support a cost of living adjustment in any legislation so that the minimum wage keeps pace with inflation.

3. We support one fair wage for all workers including those that earn tips.

4. We support empowering local governments to establish a higher minimum wage.

5. We support a significant increase in fines on employers who engage in wage theft against their employees and strengthening of enforcement efforts.

Sign the petition to tell the Pennsylvania General Assembly that you support raising the wage in PA!